Knauf Insulation
Now in stock, EcoBatt insulation for steel framing:  energy saving, sustainable, environmentally responsible blanket insulation. Acoustically and thermally superior, GREENGUARD certified, EcoBatt insulation is produced from a minimum of 61.9% recycled, post-consumer bottle glass and a renewable binder. This is the contractor preferred, professional insulation. Wood frame insulation available upon request. Why go pink or yellow when you can go green?
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Fire-resistant mineral fiber thermal insulation made from stone. Roxul ComfortBatt thermal insulation and Roxul Safe ‘n’ Sound acoustic insulation are both produced from a combination of basalt and recycled steel slag. Roxul insulation will not burn. Both products are water repellent and will not support mold or fungal growth. Roxul is dimensionally stable and its physical characteristics do not change over time. Save on energy expenses and improve the acoustic environment of your living and working spaces with stable, non-combustible Roxul insulation.
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