When Considering Which Shingles to Buy:

To the Pacific Northwest Owner…
We believe homeowners in the Pacific Northwest, where roofs remain damp during long periods of the year, should strongly consider asphalt shingles made with algae resistant granules. The upcharge for A/R granules is minimal. Roofs can retain their original color for up to 20 years and shingles last years longer because algae growth is virtually eliminated. Algae shows itself by turning roofs dark, shortening the lifespan of asphalt roofs and making them appear dirty and worn. Look at the pictures and note the dramatic color difference between a roof installed with A/R granules versus one installed with standard granules. Some manufacturers use the 3M granule, others use their own algae resistant granule: in either case, the original color of the shingle is maintained. We highly recommend you consider this cost effective upgrade to your roof.

Algae resistance is critical. All of our stock shingles have algae resistant granules. Check out these resources for more information:

Does Shingle Weight Matter?
Many manufacturers agree: the heavier asphalt shingle you choose, the more durable and dimensional looking your roof will be.

Many manufacturers also continue to produce products in their families of shingles that weigh significantly more than their commodity laminated shingles which appear in this comparison.

When choosing which shingle to install, we encourage you to look closely at the proprietary and signature products in our manufacturers’ lines.  These higher end products can add significant beauty, curb appeal, distinction and value to your home.

Can’t decide which shingles are right for your situation? Refer to the chart below and feel free to contact us toll free at 866.550.2100 (Bellingham) or 800.832.9308 (Burlington) to speak with someone about your particular needs.

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