Delivery Guidelines

Our goal is to provide customers with perfect deliveries, every time. A perfect delivery is an order delivered accurately, when promised, and in a safe manner. To do so requires the customer and CB Wholesale work together to provide each other the best possible information to enable a delivery which meets, or preferably, exceeds the customer’s expectations.

How the Customer Can Help
Our customers should know that our delivery vehicles are big and they are heavy. With a trailer attached, they are also long and tall.  Fully loaded with trailer, our vehicles can weigh close to 90,000 lbs, stretch 65’ long, and reach 14’ tall. We require adequate roads and driveways that support the weight and allow for a wide turning radius. Overhead wires and limbs should be checked to guaranty adequate clearance, from above and from side to side. Our cranes require minimum 10’ clearance from any wires. Customers should be aware that concrete driveways are susceptible to cracking, especially old concrete, and that soft ground will receive tire indentations. We will take every precaution we can to prevent damage to road, site and driveway surfaces, but in order to deliver your materials, we have to get close to your building. Customers should objectively assess their property, and its access, and make us aware of any potential hazards, including wires, ditches, septic systems, shallow utility trenches, narrow driveways, weak bridges, etc. so that property, product, equipment and crews are not hurt or damaged. When in doubt, we are glad to visit a jobsite prior to delivery.

Roofing, Drywall, Steel Studs, Insulation
Roofs, roof decks, and roof framing need to be structurally sound enough to bear the load of the materials we are delivering. They also need to be clear of anything that would prevent a safe delivery. In general we will not load a cedar shake roof, nor will we load tarped roofs. Depending on the architecture of the roof, we may choose to ground drop material. When placing an order, we ask for the  pitch and condition of every roof. Accurate information is crucial in helping us provide customers with perfect deliveries which meet or exceed expectations. It helps us decide which trucks to use, how to load our trucks, how many crew we’ll need, and which route to take to your property.

When delivering drywall, the best deliveries are made in buildings void of other materials or debris on floors. Board is delivered in its best condition when we can use cranes and carts to put material as close as possible to where hangers will begin applying it. This means the absence of finished doors and windows whenever possible. If not removed already, in order to prevent damage to doors and windows, we may choose to remove them and set them aside for carpenters to re-install properly.  In general we ground drop steel stud orders, but if possible we can place metal framing packages close to where crews require their materials.

Our delivery times are: first out, AM, PM. Please provide us with contact phone numbers. Our crews and dispatchers are excellent and experienced. With the customer’s help, they will make every effort to assure a delivery that will allow the owner or contractor to complete work efficiently and safely.