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Wide variety of materials and brands for design and installation of insulation products

Insulation Products

Premier Insulation In Northwest Washington

When it comes to insulation installation, our inclusive inventory breathes affordability, dependency, and energy efficiency goes right to the top. Couple that with more than 40 years of dedicated field knowledge under our toolbelts and you’ve got yourself a recipe for the perfect installation job.

Locally owned and operated since 1982, we maintain traditional service in an ever-evolving world that requires buildings of the future to stand up to new and different challenges. CB Wholesale takes stock in distributing products from manufacturers with a greener, safer, and more economical focus. Our 5-star Google rating is backed by our commitments to first-rate products and honest, fair pricing. Keep searching for hidden fees or “what’s the catch” fine print – you won’t find any. Whether you’re a contractor or homeowner, we have what you need to fit your walls, ceilings, floors, mid-floors, and attic floors with the industry’s best insulation installation.


Your Local Insulation Provider

Are you looking for insulation for a new project or replacing existing insulation with insulation that is easily cut, non-combustible, versatile, green-geared, and has excellent sound absorbency and high R-value? We have an extensive gamut of insulation styles at our fingertips that can be applied to interior wood or steel partition walls, interior wood frame floors, interior wood frame ceilings, L-joist interior partitions, and party walls. With our GreenGuard Certified products available in-store and online, shopping for the following insulation types is easy as ever.

Browse any of the following commercial and residential insulation products online or in-store:

  • Batt insulation

  • Fiberglass insulation

  • Spray foam insulation

  • Roll insulation

  • Loose-fill insulation

  • Faced insulation

  • Unfaced insulation

  • Blown-in insulation

Go Green With Our Eco-Friendly Insulation Products

Our passion for helping customers achieve a greener future is rooted in our environmental performance confirmed by independent third parties and providing sustainable building impact calculations. New energy-saving regulations are changing the game, and for the better. Stay ahead of the curve with products like our Knauf EcoBatt that is produced from a minimum of 61.9% recycled, post-consumer bottle glass and a renewable binder. Why go pink or yellow when you can go green?

Live Out Loud With Unmatched Acoustics

As the urban density of cities increases, noise pollution is becoming more intense with a huge negative impact on productivity, performance, and social behavior. The Rockwool Safe ‘ n’ Sound’s stone wool batt insulation is designed specifically for sound dampening to help prevent noise traveling from one floor to the next, offering the peace and quiet you crave.

Keeping Safety At The Forefront

As the construction environment evolves, new products and materials are installed and new innovative ideas are showcased. Fire safety and prevention is a constant priority. We carry products that provide superior fire resistance by not promoting smoke or flame spread when exposed to fire.

Fast Delivery From First Class Brands

We understand that time is just as – if not more – valuable than profit since time is money. Installing insulation doesn’t have to be a drawn-out, taxing process. By keeping efficient, easily-assembled products from the best brands in the business on hand, we’re able to service your needs more efficiently so that you can get back to increasing your bottom line. Our crews deliver Knauf and Rockwool insulation products correctly and safely, continuously exceeding customer expectations. If we don’t have the brand or model you’re looking for, we’ll send you in the right direction. At CB Wholesale, our satisfaction is measured by your satisfaction.

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