Close The Sale with ProFund and John DeRosa

skyrocket the sales of your roofing business
ProFund is an essential closing tool that combines market intelligence and integrated access to multiple lenders from a single app so you may close more opportunities .

ProFund puts you in a position to win the sale by providing homeowner data and property data. ProFund also simplifies the buying process for homeowners, from a single platform you can offer them a range of budget-friendly payment options. ProFund is really a game changer if you are serious about skyrocketing your sales!


Are you an CB Wholesale Customer?

We have great news for you! Your ProFund access is sponsored by your CB Wholesale branch, so you don’t have to pay at all to use the platform and take advantage of everything to help you close more sales, all you need to sign up is your CB Wholesale account number or customer ID. 

If you are a roofing contractor this is THE TOOL that will set you apart from your competition and give you an unfair advantage. 

Ready to Learn More?

Watch the Videos featuring John DeRosa as he walks you through all the key benefits of ProFund in real life settings! Take advantage of this learning experience and start using ProFund to close sales faster. 

Homeowner Profile

Property Report

Upsell Score

Setting the Agenda

Weather & Code Data

Selling the Payment

Overcoming Objections

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