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Steel Framing Products

Steel Framing Products

Wide variety of materials and brands for design and installation of steel framing products

Steel Framing Products

Elite Steel Framing In Northwest Washington

Choosing between wood, concrete, and steel framing for your residential or commercial building venture can be a stressful process. They all come with advantages and drawbacks, but a steel frame structure breathes a robust resilience to which competing materials can’t measure up. With an emphasis on quicker build time, longevity, and cost-effectiveness, metal framing is growing more popular for both contractors and homeowners.

Offering a full line of metal framing including carbon, alloy, and stainless as well as framing accessories like windbraces, backer bars, and resilient channels, our products are tailored to meet the growing demands of the construction industry. Swing by one of our vast, pristine showrooms that features installed displays of our building products and resources, or shop online and experience true convenience.

Structural Steel Framing

Why Steel Framing?

The benefits gained from choosing our steel framing products for your next construction endeavor outweigh the main disadvantage of a higher upfront cost.

Faster Build Time

In the construction industry, time is always money. A faster build time is not only convenient for both the consumer and the builder, but it also saves everyone money. Since steel is prefabricated, the construction process is expedited.


Since steel frames are always fabricated off-site, you can expect 10%-20% decreased on-site labor as fewer workers reduce the risk of costly accidents. Steel framing’s rapid construction time means less financing costs, and it expedites the building process to ensure the building is ready to be used for a faster payback.

Material Longevity

Unlike lumber, steel isn’t vulnerable to splitting or cracking from age or pests. Incorporating steel into your design also dispels any worry of expanding, warping, or rotting material from inclement weather that you may encounter with wood.

Enhanced Tensile Strength

Steel is packed with a higher density than concrete or lumber, making it able to bear a larger load by comparison. Steel’s elevated strength makes it possible to reduce the amount of material needed on the job site, decreasing shipping costs, reducing labor, and simplifying design.

Heightened Security

Steel holds up exceptionally well to mother nature’s wrath. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes have a far less success rate of impacting you and your client’s investment when steel is thrown into the mix.

Brands We Carry

Our 40+ years in the industry have been anchored by our ability to service the most dependable brands in the business. We offer an elite line of brands that includes CEMCO, Steel Network, and ClarkDietrich Building Systems. Light gauge steel framing components, structural steel products, steel joists and track, furring, slotted track, and fasteners are in stock or readily available. CB Wholesale provides delivery service for this full range of metal framing materials. Arming the Evergreen State with quality material at affordable prices, CB Wholesale is Northwest Washington’s go-to steel provider.

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